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Wedding transportation

Everyone wants a wedding where comfort and happiness rule so they can create a special and memorable day. But more often than not, planning wedding transportation is often an afterthought for most people.

If you intend to spice up your day with luxury and style, you also have to get your wedding transportation sorted out. Here’s how to go about it!

Do I need wedding transportation?


One important thing to work with is your comfort. Limos are spacious and suit the bride's wedding dress since it takes more space than normal clothing. It also takes more people if the bridesmaids are riding with the bride. Remember, you do not want to be crammed into a regular vehicle when going to your destination.

Less stress, more fun

Going to the venue shouldn't be part of your worries on your big day, which means less stress. The bride and groom may travel separately with their maids and grooms respectively. If you’re traveling together, we can suggest spacious vehicles that can carry up to fifty passengers.

Have you thought of distances?

If the ceremony and reception venues are close to each other, you may not have a transportation problem. If they're more than thirty minutes apart, you should consider having transportation on the ground for yourself and your wedding guests. You don't have to inconvenience your guests with cabs, and tiring drives.

Location of the venue

Some of your guests may be coming from long distances without a car and they may not know how to get to the venue. If it's a difficult-to-find location, you can consider booking wedding transportation for guests. Afterward, ensure the parking service goes through your list to know how many attendants you’ll need.

What kind of cars should you use?

Hiring a wedding limo sets the celebration tone for the day. No one rides in a limo in a bad mood. The limo fleet is sparkling, new, and luxurious. The goal is to give high-class service every second of the day.

The latest models in the fleet are thoroughly cleaned after each use. Hire from the list of SUVs, minibuses, town cars, stretch limos, and party buses depending on your choice and the kind of crowd you’re expecting..

People with disabilities and special needs

Put people with disabilities and special needs who can't transport themselves into consideration. It would be best to organize a movement plan for them to take them from reserved hotels to ceremony venues, reception and back to the hotel. You can go through your kin or book our services.

How can I select the right wedding transportation company?

It’s ideal to choose a service with years of valuable experience in the industry. Experience equals efficiency, and you don’t want any hitch on your big day. The right company will also be licensed, insured, and have a good reputation in customer service. Just as well, having every tiny detail drawn up as a contract is recommended.

At Collado Limo, we bring luxury to clients with first-class limo services. Let’s make your day one to remember. Book us online today for hitch-free wedding transportation!

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